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I believe we, reader, have started off on the wrong foot. Or rather, I did.
November 22, 2007, 12:43 pm
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Upon starting this site, I was so determined to be myself without letting anyone know who I am. I’m still upholding that promise, at least the not letting you know part. However, I don’t recall ever writing about something just because it caught my eye. I wrote about it because I hoped that other people would be interested. I was more concerned with who my audience would be. Instead of comfortably writing and having people check out the site when something remotely interesting pops up, I was forcing these concepts out of my fatigued body looking just as pretentious doing so. So much the obvious truth. I’m lying to myself to say that.

So I’m going to start over, writing about whatever I feel like. And no, I don’t care what you think anymore. Thought this was a reader’s blog? Tough luck, buddy.

Anyway, have a happy Thanksgiving. Get fat, get high blood pressure, and get drunk. You’ll regret it later.


Please, do not “Gimme More” unless you’re referring to clothing.
October 26, 2007, 11:03 pm
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Britney Spears… okay I’ll be the kinder of the critics and I’ll focus less on how dysfunctional her life is. Rather than bashing her way life, I’ll bash something else: the tyrants that exploit women in the music industry. If there was ever any respectable woman in the music industry that was an icon for decades, she was either promiscuous, naturally beautiful, or scantily clad with leather, fishnets, and/or jewelry to barely cover her silicon-enhanced breasts. (We still want America to see them, right?) And guess what? For a while it looked like Brit was all of the above. (Note: That “while” was not defined. Yes, include the present in that “while”)

Victorian/Cowboy/Battlestar Galactica? As if it wasn’t bad enough to have your crotch all over the internet.

What is my point? While children are getting more obese, and more prone to eating disorders of all kinds, a new method of achieving popularity is created: show more body parts, see more $$$. MySpace condones it even more, too. In fact, I dare you to go on MySpace and try to go through 30 profiles of “teenagers” without seeing a scantily clad picture, or worse, preteen’s scantily clad picture. People aren’t judged by personality anymore. They’re judged by who has better abs, who has nicer boobs, and who has the guts to show their privates. They’re not even eighteen and they have the guts to expose every inch of skin for a little bit of attention.

Which then pulls attention away from those that are possibly worth following. Say, for example, good writing. I guarantee that a majority of the micro-fabric-wearing, prepubescent girls have little to no writing skill because they are too busy honing down their photography skills. Pornography is a better word for it. Kiddie porn.

One of the goals of this little blog is to get your eyes off of those thirteen-year-olds’ lack of cleavage. Pull your brain out of the gutter and try to read someone’s opinions on life. It might change or challenge yours, and if so, good. As long as those that put effort into their words are the ones that get the props, not those that post a nude picture and expect the world to flock to their hand. This is going upstream, but you’ll be surprised how many noses you can punch when you’re walking the opposite direction.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and all female star-hopefuls will become strippers, inspired by this video of such respect for femininity. (Please note the tone of severe sarcasm.)

It is now “unpatriotic” to criticize the war.
October 16, 2007, 8:34 pm
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Image provided by Jupiter ImagesBush has gotten so defensive about (and probably has a mailbox overflowing with anti-war letters) the issue of the “War on Terrorism.” Not only has his approval rating plummeted to negative integers, but he has gotten so desperate with his situation that he resolves to determining what is “patriotism” or not.

First the “freedom fries,” which was a flop due to both the absurdity of the idea, and the fact that it’s on millions of menus. (No one is changing that crap. Let’s see how you like it when we change a word on the Constitution and it’s up to you, Mr. Bush, to reprint all of those history books.) Now that his lack of support is threatening to unleash dire consequences once again, he has declared the criticism of this war as unpatriotic.

Following my rules of ebonics, I hereby say, “AYO, SON.” Who is he to tell us what is patriotic? If patriotic means to follow the principals of the Constitution and to have pride in my country’s mission, by no means is Georgey allowed to say such a thing. Is it patriotic to invade a country on false pretenses while simultaneously bypassing the laws of the United States of America (on top of disregarding the American public, the people he was elected to SERVE)? Exactly.

This is suppression of our freedom of speech, in its smallest form. What will come next? Soon he’ll regulate when we can congregate, IF we can congregate, how much we can buy, down to the point we will be watched while we sleep to make sure we don’t try to kill him. Call it whatever you want, but I see a dictatorship on its way.

I have no other professional opinions to add. Oh, boo hoo, I just criticized the war. Arrest me. I DARE you. If you have the balls, maybe you could also screen this post because I’m about to throw in the words BOMB, HATE, AMERICA, TERRORIST, PLOT, KILL, BUSH, ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, SUICIDE, EXPLOSION, APOCALYPSE, ALLAH (Oh it’s a crime to say “God” now). So shoot me, but what ever happened to the right to the pursuit of happiness? Ask any American if they’re happy, and I’m sure you’ll be punched with a very agitated “No.”

Just a warning. I could be wrong.