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It is now “unpatriotic” to criticize the war.
October 16, 2007, 8:34 pm
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Image provided by Jupiter ImagesBush has gotten so defensive about (and probably has a mailbox overflowing with anti-war letters) the issue of the “War on Terrorism.” Not only has his approval rating plummeted to negative integers, but he has gotten so desperate with his situation that he resolves to determining what is “patriotism” or not.

First the “freedom fries,” which was a flop due to both the absurdity of the idea, and the fact that it’s on millions of menus. (No one is changing that crap. Let’s see how you like it when we change a word on the Constitution and it’s up to you, Mr. Bush, to reprint all of those history books.) Now that his lack of support is threatening to unleash dire consequences once again, he has declared the criticism of this war as unpatriotic.

Following my rules of ebonics, I hereby say, “AYO, SON.” Who is he to tell us what is patriotic? If patriotic means to follow the principals of the Constitution and to have pride in my country’s mission, by no means is Georgey allowed to say such a thing. Is it patriotic to invade a country on false pretenses while simultaneously bypassing the laws of the United States of America (on top of disregarding the American public, the people he was elected to SERVE)? Exactly.

This is suppression of our freedom of speech, in its smallest form. What will come next? Soon he’ll regulate when we can congregate, IF we can congregate, how much we can buy, down to the point we will be watched while we sleep to make sure we don’t try to kill him. Call it whatever you want, but I see a dictatorship on its way.

I have no other professional opinions to add. Oh, boo hoo, I just criticized the war. Arrest me. I DARE you. If you have the balls, maybe you could also screen this post because I’m about to throw in the words BOMB, HATE, AMERICA, TERRORIST, PLOT, KILL, BUSH, ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, SUICIDE, EXPLOSION, APOCALYPSE, ALLAH (Oh it’s a crime to say “God” now). So shoot me, but what ever happened to the right to the pursuit of happiness? Ask any American if they’re happy, and I’m sure you’ll be punched with a very agitated “No.”

Just a warning. I could be wrong.


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